Our Services

The Fusion Network offers numerous services, shown below.  Contact us for more details.

fusion Port

A 1 or 10 Gbps Port on a Fusion Network Backbone or Aggregation Router. One or more FusionPorts are required for delivery of any Fusion Network service to your network.

fusion IP

FusionIP is Fusion Network’s Full Route IP Transit Service. Featuring full IPV4 and IPV6 route tables, Fusion is your most efficient destination to any location on the Internet.

Fusion IP features direct peering with most of the top CDNs and content providers with guaranteed uncongested ports, full redundant routes, plus multiple locations with full route feeds from 2 of the largest Tier1 IP backbones in the country.

The Fusion Backbone is interconnected with at least 10gbps capacity lit on only DWDM waves, with most locations featuring multiple diverse routes to other Fusion nodes. Fusion Network only builds on Brocade hardware routing platforms – no open source or software routing solutions.

fusion Peer

FusionPeer is Fusion Networks’ Content Offloading service.

A FusionPeer feed to your network will only feature routes we obtain from local and remote Internet Exchanges and other Fusion-connected networks. This is NOT a full routes service and will not get you to every Internet destination, it should strictly be used for content offload.

FusionPeer feeds guarantee uncongested ports and redundant presences on multiple Internet Exchanges.

fusion XC

FusionXC is a Fusion-based cross connect to aggregate multiple interfaces to your FusionPort.

This is useful for interfacing with remote or additional transit providers via your FusionPort(s), getting your own presences on a local or regional Internet Exchange to manage your own peering sessions, and more.

fusion VC

FusionVC is a MPLS-based Layer 2 VPLS service connecting 2 fusionPorts together either across the same metro or across the Fusion Backbone.

This is useful to create a private network instance between multiple Fusion locations for your own operations, or to create an intercarrier relationship for a customer private line service between 2 ISPs/WISPs.

fusion Colo

FusionColo is a by-the-RU colocation in any Fusion Datacenter for you to host your own router or equipment in the DC facility, including redundant power.

fusion Transport

The Fusion Network holds master transport purchase agreements with many large national carriers (Zayo, Windstream, XO, AT&T Centurylink)) as well as regional networks (Bluebird, Alpheus, etc).
We are happy to assist you with primary and/or redundant ethernet or wave transport to connect your network to Fusion Network, and we will even hold the contract with our buying power to provide you with a single managed solution point and a simple, easy to understand monthly invoice.