Your customers want more bandwidth, so you need more bandwidth.

You need content off-load, but may not be big enough to do it yourself.

You may not fully understand peering or datacenter transit.

You need to cost-effectively connect to another area for a customer.



The Fusion Network is proud to be in the top 5% of all BGP speaking networks in the United States (based on BGP adjacencies).

The Fusion Network has lit POPs in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana and Washington. We are expanding our network to several other states by the end of 2016.  Visit The Network page to see a list of our current and future POPs.


The Fusion Network is only a wholesale operator, and end users will always be directed to Fusion Partners to purchase services. You are welcome to white label Fusion Network services under your own ISP brand and take the approach that you are a part of a nationwide network for service delivery.


The Fusion Network is the product of years of collaboration and cooperation between smaller ISP/WISPs. We have developed relationships with the top data centers, internet exchanges, content providers and large fiber owners to create a true backbone network for smaller carriers with large, combined purchasing power that can be passed on to our partner networks.

All you have to do is connect and take advantage of the power of bulk buying for your business.


Fusion offers ISP/WISPs a full suite of intercarrier services including:

Full route IP transit/ dedicated Internet access.

FusionPeer, our nationwide peering-only route service for content off-loading.

Private Ethernet services between Fusion POPs for Middle mile transport.

Managed Colocation in POP datacenters by the RU.

FusionIX: Public Internet Exchanges in each metro for local, direct peering opportunities.

Remote Cross Connects allow you to leverage the Fusion infrastructure to extend your own network.




The Fusion Network can also leverage our bulk purchase agreements to provide you with significant savings on transport to your location. We are also excited to explore moving POPs into different Tier 2 markets to help unique connectivity situations.

Fusion Network Partners also are able to directly connect with each other for larger enterprise opportunities which require a larger, nationwide footprint that a single operator would not be able to answer.


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